Cemu 2.0 coming out for Linux, source code made available on Github

The developer behind Cemu, an emulator for the Wii U, has released version 2.0. Interested parties can now also compile a Linux build of the emulation software if they wish. Because the developer is short on time, he makes the source code available on Github.

Version 2.0 of Cemu contains numerous bug fixes that should improve the performance and stability of the Wii U emulator. The version numbering was also simplified. Instead of using a three-digit version numbering, lead developer Exzap now chooses to use a two-digit numbering system. So the next versions of Cemu will be called 2.1, 2.2, 2.3,….

The Wii U emulator now also runs on Linux. Exzap has made some builds available on Github for this, but they have to be compiled by users of the Linux distros themselves. That may change in the future, because the developer will try to make images available at a later time. Concrete promises does Exzap not about that though. According to the developer, the Linux builds are not finished to perfection. For example, the user interface of the emulation software would not be quite ready yet. However, the emulation function would work properly.

Exzap also gives an update on the development of Cemu. The developer states that he was the only one who has been involved with the project in recent months after a colleague said goodbye to the project. Because Exzap wants to have more time to work on other projects, the developer is now providing the source code of the emulation software on Github. Exzap hopes that this will provide more help and input from the community in the further development of Cemu.