Carver launches unique electric delivery vehicle for the city

City logistics accounts for 35 percent of road transport-related CO2 emissions and air pollution. Municipalities are therefore taking measures to contain CO2 emissions. This weekend during the EV Experience at the Zandvoort circuit, the Dutch company Carver is launching an electric cargo vehicle. Specially developed for emission-free city logistics, as an alternative to vans and delivery scooters.

EV Experience


Many cities and municipalities, including Utrecht, Rotterdam, Groningen and Nijmegen, have decided that city logistics must be completely emission-free by 2025. This means no more trucks, vans or delivery vans running on petrol or diesel. but sustainable alternatives such as vehicles that run on electricity, hydrogen or muscle power.

Carver Cargo

In addition to the electric 45 km / h Carver, Carver is now the first to produce a small electric freight vehicle with the option of transporting cooled or warm products through the insulated 500 liter cargo space. Just like the Carver, the Carver Cargo has the unique DVC tilting system, which ensures that every bend can be taken safely even when fully loaded.

Carver Cargo