Finally! YouTube can now also be viewed picture-in-picture (iOS 14)

It has been possible for a while on your Mac and your iPad, and now thanks to iOS 14 it can also play videos picture in picture on your iPhone. But YouTube of all people kept this feature exclusively for Premium subscribers – until now! You can now also display YouTube picture in picture.

iOS 14 Picture in Picture: YouTube

When you play videos picture-in-picture , they appear in the corner of your screen. While the video is playing, you can open another app in the meantime. But YouTube has blocked this option for non-subscribers until now. It is now possible, but only via their website in Safari. It still doesn’t work in the YouTube app.

Play video picture in picture: this is how it works

  • Open in Safari on iPhone and start a fun video.
  • Tap the video to display the controls.
  • Tap the symbol with the four corners at the bottom right to make the video fill the screen first.

Now you can activate picture-in-picture in two ways:

  • Method 1: Tap the video again and tap the picture-in-picture symbol at the top next to the cross.
  • Method 2: Pretend to quit the app. So swipe the app upwards or press the home button.

A small version of the video will now float over your home screen. You can now also open other apps while the video continues to play. Also try the following options.

  • With a tap on the video, the control buttons appear.
  • Drag the video to the desired location on the screen.
  • Make the video bigger or smaller by zooming in or out.
  • If that video really gets in the way for a moment, you can drag it out of the screen. You keep hearing the sound. A lever will appear on the side of your screen with which you can drag it back into view.

Close video

Tap the video thumbnail. With the cross at the top left you close the video completely. With the picture-in-picture symbol at the top right you return to the normal view.