Canon patents 100x zoom capability for cameras

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Canon has reportedly applied for a patent for a system that allows a handheld camera to zoom in up to a hundred times. If the manufacturer actually releases a camera with the system, it will outshine Nikon, which currently has an 83x zoom camera on the shelves.

The patent mentions a 1/3.2″ sensor. The lens has a focal length of 24-2400mm in full-frame equivalent, Japan’s Egami writes based on the application, which does not appear to be available online. Canon is currently selling the PowerShot SX60 with 65x zoom, which has been in the shops since last fall, so it is unlikely that a possible ‘SX70’ with 100x zoom will appear soon.

Competitor Nikon currently sells the CoolPix P900, which can enlarge objects the most with 83x zoom. It seems that both manufacturers want to trump each other on this point. It’s not Canon’s first patent for a 100x zoom system, but so far no camera has appeared with either system.

Canon PowerShot SX60

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