Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 is getting 1v1 combat in gulag next month

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Activision and Infinity Ward will reintroduce 1v1 combat to Warzone 2.0’s gulag next month as part of Season 2, the two companies confirm in a blog post. The battle royale mode is also getting some balance changes, for example in terms of cash rewards.

The 1v1 mode in the gulag will be introduced with the release of Warzone 2.0 Season 02 on February 15, writes Activision in a blog post. This also gives the game the same overtime mechanic as the original, where players have to capture a flag in the middle of the playing field after a certain time. Warzone 2.0 replaced that with a strong jailer that players had to defeat collectively, but that will be dropped in Season 2 after criticism from players.

For the sake of time, Infinity Ward has adapted the gulag playfield from Warzone 2.0 for 1v1 combat in Season 2. However, in future seasons, the studio plans to introduce a whole new playing field, designed specifically for 1v1. The company is currently not sharing any concrete information or release date about this.

Furthermore, Infinity Ward is making some changes to Warzone’s ‘economy’. For example, players will now receive more money if they survive the gulag. Completing contracts also earns less money in Season 2, although the minimum amounts of money players find on the ground and in cash registers are actually increased. The game will also receive customizable perk packages and primary weapons will become cheaper at buy stations. Furthermore, menus are deleted when looting containers; from now on, loot from such chests will fall to the ground after opening. Warzone 2.0 is getting some balance tweaks, such as the elimination of medium and large backpacks.

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