Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update allows PC players to remove game parts

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PC Players will have the option to remove various game modes with an upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare patch. That means that the entire game installation can be made smaller. Modern Warfare is notorious for the relatively large storage space required.

Modern Warfare’s production director, Paul Haile, reports on Twitter that the 1.28 update comes out Tuesday and that PC players have specific uninstall options for the different game modes. This means, for example, that players who are only interested in the battleroyale mode Warzone can delete the campaign and thus free up disk space. What else is in this update is not yet clear.

Meanwhile, the total required storage space is in the neighborhood of 250GB, after another 57GB was added with the recent season 6 update. There were then quite a few complaints from players that the game no longer fit on a 250GB SSD. With the various additions to the game, the total storage space required has grown significantly in about a year. A year ago, Activision said it would have to maintain 175GB of free storage space to account for the content that would be offered after release.

Console players do have the option to delete specific parts of the game. Haile confirms However, on PS4 this only applies to players who own the digital version of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Players who have the physical disc must install all data from the disc.

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