Book shows maps and monsters from Titanfall

Website IGN has obtained a copy of a Titanfall artbook. It confirms the names of most of the maps found in the beta client source code earlier this week. In addition to Titans, the book also shows huge living creatures.

The artbook that IGN got its hands on will be in stores from February 25th and provides a lot of background information about the game. For example, various maps from the game are discussed and shown. The names of most of the maps appeared in the source code of the game’s beta client earlier this week, which has been playable since February 16. The book also shows a number of maps that were not found in the source code. The book does not clarify whether the maps shown are actually in the game. It shows the maps Demeter, Colony, Boneyard, Corporate, Overlook, Nexus, Airbase, Outpost 207 and Lagoon.

The same goes for the weapons on display. The biggest surprise in the book are the monsters that can be seen on the design sketches. Huge living creatures appear to appear in several maps, which in many cases are much larger than the Titans from the game. It is unknown what role these creatures play in the game.

Respawn Entertainment, the studio that develops the game, has always indicated that Titanfall also contains a story in addition to the multiplayer part that is playable in the beta test. However, the studio does not want to release much about that part of the game. For example, it is not known whether Titanfall will have a real campaign, which is separate from the multiplayer part, or whether both are intertwined. Neither the book nor the ongoing test provides a definitive answer. Titanfall will be available in stores March 13 for Windows, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Reddit readers managed to compile a complete list of all 50 Burn Cards in Titanfall. Those cards give players of the game a temporary upgrade, which lasts as long as they stay alive. Players can use different Burn Cards per match, which they earn by completing certain challenges.