Blizzard reduces price for character clones WoW Classic to 15 euros

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WoW Classic players who want to use their character in both the regular WoW Classic and the WoW Classic expansion Burning Crusade will only have to pay 15 euros for this. Earlier, Blizzard mentioned an amount of 35 euros.

Blizzard writes on his forum adjust the price ‘after a lot of feedback from the community’. The developer claims to have based that previous price on the prices of other optional items and services. Blizzard says the character cloning service is new to the company.

With a higher price, Blizzard said it wanted to ensure that players who choose one of the two servers can count on ‘building relationships and guilds with other players that they can count on’. The company says a lower price will “likely” still achieve the goals previously set, “while giving many more people the opportunity to discover the two realms with characters.”

The choice to create a character clone will appear with the Burning Crusade Classic expansion pre-patch on May 18. Players can choose whether to continue with their character in Burning Crusade Classic or in the regular WoW Classic. Those who choose the expansion will stay on the Blizzard Progression Servers and gain access to the expansion’s new functionality, the higher level cap of 70, the Blood Elves, Draenei and better matchmaking in Arena mode.

Those who choose the regular WoW Classic will go to Classic Era servers and will continue to keep level cap 60 and World of Warcraft as it appeared. However, players can also choose to create a clone of their character for a fee to play with the same character on both servers. Then Blizzard will take a snapshot of the character as it was before the pre-patch introduction. Among other things, a character’s objects and friend list are cloned. Clone deactivation is not possible. Users on, among others Reddit complained about the high price of the clone at the time.

The Burning Crusade Classic expansion was announced in February. The Burning Crusade originally appeared in 2007, but Blizzard has since revolutionized the gameplay of the mmog. That’s why Blizzard is now releasing Classic versions of the series, which the company started with WoW Classic in 2019. In the Classic versions, the games are as they were originally when released. World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic will be released on June 2.

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