Athom adds camera support to Homey app

Athom adds camera support to its Homey app. Users can therefore view the image of linked cameras from the app at any location. For example, a photo can be taken via a Flow when someone rings the doorbell.

It was already possible to connect smart home hub Homey with cameras from brands such as Nest, Doorbird and Netatmo, but new is that the images can now also be seen from the Homey app. This works both at home via WiFi and at other locations via a mobile connection.

According to Athom, for example, users can set up a Flow so that a connected camera sends a snapshot to their smartphone when the doorbell rings. The same can be done if a motion sensor is activated. The images arrive at users with a push notification.

It is also possible to link cameras that are not officially supported. These can be added as a virtual camera device, Athom describes on its website. The innovations are in Homey software v2.2.0 and version 2.4.0 of the Homey app.