ASUS will produce and support NUC mini PCs after Intel exit

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ASUS has reached a preliminary agreement with Intel to continue the NUC product line. ASUS will produce and sell recent NUC mini PCs. The company may also develop future NUC models. Intel recently announced that it would discontinue the NUC series.

Intel and ASUS say that they have reached a preliminary agreement regarding the future of NUC mini PCs. Under that agreement, ASUS may produce and sell the tenth through thirteenth generations of NUCs. ASUS will also continue to provide support to customers for those four existing NUC generations. ASUS may also develop future NUC designs. ASUS plans to create a new business unit that will produce the NUC systems.

It is not known exactly what conditions Intel imposes on the agreement. According to Intel, this is a ‘non-exclusive license’. Other manufacturers may also be allowed to produce products with the NUC brand name in the future. Financial details about the licensing agreement are not known.

The preliminary agreement follows an earlier announcement from Intel. That company will discontinue the NUC product line, in which the manufacturer has been releasing mini PCs since 2013. Intel would therefore stop investing in the Next Unit of Computing division and will no longer release new NUC models itself. ASUS will do that. It is not known how long this should happen.

The Intel NUC 13 Pro, the latest and probably last NUC from Intel.

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