Asus GTX 750 Ti with Maxwell GPU appears at webshops

A GeForce GTX 750 Ti card from Asus has appeared in the range in various web shops. This is the first card that has a GPU of the new Maxwell generation from Nvidia. The midrange card stands for prices of between 150 and 180 euros in the shops.

The first details about the Maxwell GPU appeared last week and the first card with the video chip is now available at online stores. The Asus GTX750TI-OC-2GD5 has 2GB gddr5, but there are no further details yet. The price of between 150 and 180 euros seems to confirm the previous reports that the Maxwell GPU is a midrange model that should follow the Geforce GTX 650 Ti.

The new GPU would initially be produced at 28nm; later this year the switch to 20nm would be made. According to VideoCardz, Maxwell is indeed a new architecture, but the changes compared to Kepler are so minor that it would be better to speak of a Kepler refresh. The GeForce GTX 750 Ti should be released February 18, according to TechPowerUp.