Apple is working on a much better Maps app in iOS 12

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Apple is planning a major update for its Maps app. Various media from the US report this, for example TechCrunch . Apple rebuilds the card service completely, especially with regard to the card material used. For this purpose, Apple uses the data from its own vehicle fleet that has been running the company for a number of years . In addition, Apple wants to use high-res satellite photos.


Competition with Google Maps

With the new raw data, Apple wants to provide more details in the map material. With the major competitor Google Maps, the material for some regions is still significantly better. Since the introduction of Apple Cards about six years ago, much has already been invested in the service, according to Apple services boss Eddy Cue. For example, millions of changes were made, millions of new places were added and there were countless small updates to improve Maps.

Highly improved Maps app in iOS 12

For the future, better real-time data in Maps must be integrated. These include road conditions, new buildings, changes for pedestrians and even smaller roads, such as paths in parks that are still lacking. As the first city with the new data, Apple has chosen San Francisco. You can already admire that in the next beta of iOS 12. The rest of northern California has to be ready for the release of iOS 12 this fall.

Apple Maps to a higher level

According to Apple, the new data is the result of the work of the past four years. ‘We wanted to reach a higher level,’ says Cue. Apple Maps should be ‘the best map app in the world. That is why the company needs its own map data. Apple currently uses various sources, including TomTom, OpenStreetMap and other providers. Apple also wants to use data from the millions of iPhones in the world – this too should help with the quick updates. All these data remain, of course, anonymous, says Apple.

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