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‘Apple bundles TV, Music, news and magazines in one subscription’

That Apple is building a video platform can no longer be called a secret. Among others Oprah Winfrey and Sesame Street were already brought in. But what are Apple’s plans with this TV platform? According to The Information Apple is putting all media together in a bundle: Apple Music, TV, News and magazines. And that for a low price.


Will Apple buy Netflix?

At the beginning of this year there was the rumor that Apple Netflix was going to buy . The company did not respond to this immediately, but it was clear from the lines that it would rather build platforms itself. For this purpose it reserved a $ 1 billion pot. But Apple must come from good houses to knock Netflix off the throne. That streaming platform not only has a large (and satisfied) user share, it also has very good unique content. Why would those people switch?

One Apple subscription

The solution that discusses The Information sounds much more plausible. One subscription, giving access to both Apple Music and the premium TV content. But that is not all. In March, Apple took over Texture, a kind of Netflix for magazines . Add that and you can listen to unlimited music with one Apple subscription, watch TV and read magazines. Add a biscuit of your own dough in the form of 50 GB iCloud storage and you have a nice package deal. And that for a euro or 15, 20?

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