Apple TV app is coming to PlayStation 4 and 5 in November

Officially Confirmed: The Apple TV app is coming to PlayStation consoles. This makes it possible with a PS4 or PS5 to watch the Apple TV + series on your television and you have access to purchases from the iTunes Store.

Apple TV PlayStation

The app will be available on November 12 – the same day as the release date of the PlayStation 5. In addition, the app is also available on the PlayStation 4. Sony on the website.

It is good news for Apple users who do not have an Apple TV cabinet but do have a PlayStation on the television furniture. They can now also watch the Apple TV + series on television. It is also possible to subscribe directly to Apple TV +. In addition, you can access your iTunes purchases through the console.

Apple has been making efforts for some time to make the Apple TV + series as accessible as possible. The Apple TV app is now available on all kinds of recent smart TVs, such as those from Samsung, LG, and Sony. You can also find the Apple TV app on Amazon’s Fire Stick.

Also Xbox

The Apple TV app is also coming to Xbox consoles this year. Beta testers have already found the app in the Xbox App Store. It is not yet known when the app will be available to everyone, but we expect that it will also be in mid-November.

It was previously announced that anyone using a free trial version of Apple TV + will receive an extension until February 2021. This is good news, as you can also watch the second season of various series for free. The Dickinson series, for example, will premiere on January 8. A second season of For All Mankind and Ghoswriter is also in the making.