Apple settles Family Sharing lawsuit for $25 million

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Apple settles class action lawsuit over Family Sharing feature for $25 million The tech giant was sued for allegedly misrepresenting the feature that lets users share apps and subscriptions with family members.

The indictment states that Apple claimed that Family Sharing was possible in apps where the feature was not supported in practice. According to the court document, the “vast majority of subscription apps cannot be shared with family members through Family Sharing.” However, the landing pages of these apps would mention that they support Family Sharing until January 30, 2019.

It is claimed that Apple was aware of these facts. although Apple has reached a settlement, the company denies the allegations. The tech giant is said to have come to the conclusion that continuing to defend the case would be too burdensome and too expensive. Apple users in the United States with a filed claim would receive approximately $30 each. The exact amount depends on the number of claims filed, but will in any case not exceed $50.

Of Family Sharing Apple users can share purchases from the App Store, among other things, with up to five family members. Subscription services such as Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ can also be shared via this function.

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