Apple removes DOS emulator for iOS from App Store

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Apple to remove iDOS 2 from its iOS app store. The emulator for playing classic DOS games has been in the App Store since 2014, but a review after a recent update concluded that the app violates the terms.

The developer of iDOS 2, Chaoji Li, recently wanted to update his app with bug fixes, but was told by Apple that the update was denied because the app violates the App Store’s terms and conditions. Specifically, this concerns section 2.5.2 of these terms, which states that apps may not install or launch executable code that can modify the functionality of the app.

iDOS 2 was about executing package and image files and allowing importing of games for iTunes File Sharing and Files, according to MacRumors, Li was told. The company gave him two weeks to remove the functionality, if not, Apple will remove iDOS 2. Li says he will not comply with this because it concerns features that are critical to the operation of the app and users. purchased the app for these features.

iDOS appeared in the App Store in 2010, followed by iDOS 2 in 2014. The app is also known as DOSpad and is based on DOXBox. The app is mainly intended for running classic DOS games on iPads, for example, with touchscreen operation. Since 2020, it has been possible to upload game files in iDOS, including via iCloud storage, which Apple is now objecting to.

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