Why you shouldn’t wait for the new MacBook Air

If you’re ready for a new Mac, in some cases it’s better to wait. The renewed MacBook Pro 2021 models are coming, just like the pro variant of the iMac 2021. But the new MacBook Air? You need a lot of patience for that…

Release new MacBook Air

Earlier, there were rumors that Apple might launch the MacBook Air at the end of 2021. That could be a reason to postpone the purchase of an Air for a while. Now, however, it seems very likely that the launch will be delayed even longer.

According to the very reliable Apple analyst Ming-chi Kuo, the next-generation MacBook Air will appear in mid-2022. So it will take (almost) a year before the new Air goes on sale. Apple may announce the Air in April. After all, the iMac 2021 was also presented in this month. The WWDC in June is also an option – and perhaps Apple will extend the release over the summer.

So no new Air for the time being, it seems. Incidentally, this is a great time to buy the current MacBook Air, which Apple launched in December 2020. It features the powerful M1 processor, making the Air one of the fastest Macs out there right now. Due to a price drop, the price of the Air has fallen below a thousand euros at various stores. At the Mediamarkt, for example, it costs € 999.

Mini LED

Kuo further reports that the MacBook Air again has a 13-inch display, but with a new screen type: mini-LED. This is a technique with thousands of small LEDs in the backlight, which provide a better contrast ratio, bright colors and deeper blacks. So a bit of the advantages of OLED, but this screen is cheaper to produce.

Of course, the MacBook Air 2022 also has an improved processor. It is not yet clear whether this will be the M1X processor, which we will soon see in the MacBook Pro 2021 models. There’s also a chance the MacBook Air will be the first with an M2 chip.