Apple releases MacBook Pro 13″ with improved keyboard for 1499 euros

Apple releases updated versions of its MacBook Pro 13 “. The laptops have the same housing as their predecessors, but are equipped with the Magic Keyboard and new Intel processors. The entry-level model costs 1499 euros.

Now that Apple is also providing its MacBook Pro 13″ series with the new keyboard, the brand no longer has laptops with the Butterfly mechanism in its range. Those keyboards caused many problems for users. Just like last year’s MacBook Pro 16″ and the redesigned MacBook Air released in March, the new MacBook 13″ variants feature the Magic Keyboard with a traditional scissor mechanism.

The screen edges have not become thinner, the laptop still uses a 13″ panel. The connections have also remained the same. The laptop has a maximum of four usb-c connectors with Thunderbolt 3 support and there is a 3.5mm connection for audio The laptop also has a Touch Bar and TouchID fingerprint scanner.

In the most expensive versions, Apple stops Intel CPUs of the tenth generation with Iris Plus GPU. This concerns Ice Lake processors, which are combined with lpddr4x-3733 memory. The cheaper models still have Intel quad-cores of the eighth generation with lpddr3-2133 memory. The new MacBook Pro 13″ laptops will ship from next week.

price 1499 euros 1749 euros 2129 euros 2379 euros
cpu Core i5, 8th generation Core i5, 8th generation Core i5, 10th generation Core i5, 10th generation
Ram 8GB lpddr3-2133 8GB lpddr3-2133 16GB lpddr4x-3733 16GB lpddr4x-3733
SSD 256GB 512GB 512GB 1TB
Connections 2x Thunderbolt 3 2x Thunderbolt 3 4x Thunderbolt 3 4x Thunderbolt 3
Keyboard Magic Keyboard Magic Keyboard Magic Keyboard Magic Keyboard