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'Apple products last an average of four years'

How long do you do with an Apple product? After how much time do you decide to exchange your iPhone, iPad or MacBook for a new one or something else? That is what analyst Horace Dediu of Asymco recently wondered and decided to investigate.
The Dediu analysis would show that an average Apple product lasts about 4.3 years. On this number Dediu came by looking at how many devices Apple has ever sold and the number of devices that are currently active. During a recent review of the first quarter, Apple reported that 1.3 billion Apple devices are currently in use. After some calculations Dediu came up with the aforementioned average lifespan of 4.3 years.

According to Dediu, this lifetime has increased in recent years. Of course, Apple did not want to comment on it, but reported a few years ago that its own research showed that the expected life span of its products was about three years at the time.

The fact that sales of smartphones had dropped for the first time in the last quarter of last year confirms the conclusion of Dediu. In addition, it is likely that the market for refurbished smartphones is growing, while the price of the latest high-end smartphones is increasing and is already going towards the thousand euros.

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