Apple: new iPad Pro is ‘functionally’ compatible with previous Magic Keyboard

The previous Magic Keyboard with type number A1998 is ‘functionally’ compatible with the new 12.9″ iPad Pro. Apple now reports that the cover ‘may’ not fit properly on the new iPad when the user closes the cover.

The new 12.9″ iPad Pro has a miniLED screen, making the tablet 0.5mm thicker than the 2020 model. Because the Magic Keyboard fits very closely around the iPad, Apple is said to have previously said that the old keyboard cover would not be compatible with the new iPad. While closing the cover with iPad, the cover could not close properly due to that increased thickness, Apple is said to have told the Apple stores.

As a result, it appeared that buyers of the new 12.9″ iPad Pro who wanted to use a Magic Keyboard were forced to purchase the new version of the keyboard cover. However, Apple is now reporting that this old cover will be “functionally compatible”. The company does say it’s “possible” that the cover won’t close properly when folded, “especially if screen protectors are used.”

It is not clear whether and why Apple is now reporting that the covers are compatible with the new iPad. The new Magic Keyboard, which is available in white for the first time, costs 399 euros. As far as we know, there are no other changes with the previous Magic Keyboard. The new keyboard cover is also compatible with the previous 12.9″ iPad Pro models.

The fifth-generation 12.9″ iPad Pro gets Apple’s own M1 soc and the miniLED screen that Apple calls a Liquid Retina XDR screen. This screen gets a maximum brightness of 1600cd/m2. The tablet costs 1219 euros and will be available from mid-May.