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Apple Arcade and Apple TV + will cost $ 4.99 a month

During the long-awaited Special Event on Apple, more was explained this evening about the games of Apple Arcade and the films and series of Apple TV +. The services do not come out at the same time, because Arcade starts on September 19 and TV + on November 1, but they do cost the same: Apple TV + costs $ 4.99 a month and Apple Arcade costs $ 4.99 a month. [19659002] Apple Arcade

Apple is working with various game developers on its new video game streaming service called Apple Arcade. With a membership, you can directly download the games from Apple Arcade, which can be found under a special icon within the App Store. Apple promises that new games are added every month. Apple Arcade will be released in more than 150 countries on 19 September. It will cost $ 4.99 a month for a family subscription. Nothing has been said about a personal subscription. You can try the service for free for one month. A few developers were present on stage to tell more about some upcoming games:


One of those development studios is Konami. Frogger in Toy Town is a modern variant of Frogger, but now equipped with power-ups so that you have more interaction with obstacles. There is Superfrogger, which means that Frogger suddenly goes much faster. You can provide your Frogger with various outfits. Frogger in Toy Town is a launch game for Apple Arcade.


Capcom shows a diving game in which you move through a colorful world full of fish like a kind of astronaut. Besides fish, there are also huge insects to fight with, for which you have a gun in your hand. Shinsekai: into the Depths is also only available on Apple Arcade.


Annapurna comes with a somewhat more abstract rhythmic game in which you fly through a tight world on a motorcycle or a kind of blade. You must collect hearts for more points, because the goal is ultimately to find all the pieces of Sayonara’s heart together in this game called Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Apple TV +

We already knew it was coming soon: Apple TV + starts on November 1st. Apple’s series and film streaming service were briefly discussed during the presentation. It will only cost $ 4.99 a month for the entire family. If you buy an Apple product between now and then, you will get 1 year of Apple TV + for free.

Earlier, the trailers of three Apple TV + exclusions were released: For All Mankind, Dickinson and The Morning Show. Tonight Apple showed the first trailer of See, in which Jason Momoa and the rest of mankind have lost sight.

It was an evolution that took ages to get into our DNA, but it becomes a problem when children are born who can see again. It is a series made by the people behind the modern Planet of the Apes films.

Apple TV + starts on November 1 in more than 100 countries.

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