API error Twitter caused the message to end up with the wrong recipient

Twitter reported an error in his api, so that Direct Messages from users may have landed at the wrong recipient. Twitter does not know if actual messages have been reported wrong, and only a small part of the users would be affected.

It is the so-called Account Activity API, which can be used by developers to measure activities around a user account . Earlier this month, Twitter discovered that there is an error in the api that could cause messages from users sent to an organization using this api to be sent to another organization. This could for example be an account of a company.

Meanwhile, Twitter repaired the bug, after which the company explained the explanation of the problems behind the social network site on his help pages . It turns out that the error in the api was in the software from May last year. After the discovery, however, Twitter was able to get the error out within a few hours.

Twitter is not sure if Direct Messages from users have actually ended up with the wrong developer, but the company can not exclude it. The company speaks of a number of specific circumstances in which the bug can occur, so the chance of incorrect delivery would be small. The investigation into the bug is still ongoing, which may later provide information about how many messages have been delivered incorrectly.

Approximately one percent of Twitter users would have been affected by the bug; that’s about 3 million people. They have received a notification that their account may have been the victim of incorrect delivery of a Twitter message.