Apex Legends will get crossplay next week

Battle royal game Apex Legends will get crossplay starting October 6. The feature is released in beta and is on by default. In matchmaking, console players and PC players are not put together. However, if friends invite each other over, the cross-play beta allows Apex Legends players to compete against each other on all platforms where the game is available. The test starts on Tuesday, October 6. Apex Legends is currently playable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and via EA Origin on PCs, and is also coming to Steam “ in the fall ”, but it is not yet known exactly when that will be. A Switch version is also being worked on, of which no release date is yet known. When the beta kicks off, players on the three current platforms will be able to invite each other and play together. Once the Steam version comes out, it will also be added to the crossplay beta. Crossplay is on by default, but players can turn it off. Xbox One players must first adjust a setting in the console’s menus to enable crossplay. With the feature enabled, Find Friend allows players to add people from other platforms by searching for a username. An icon indicates which platform players are using. In matchmaking, PC and console players are not all put in the same pool. Players on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be linked together and apart from that there are matches in which PC players are linked. For now there is only one PC platform where the game is available, but once the game is out on Steam there will be two as well, although it is possible to play with console and PC players in a match at the same time. This happens when players make a party among themselves and use the different platforms. If a party contains a PC player, that player group will be matched with the PC player group. As a PC player, it is not possible to end up in a game that consists largely of console gamers. Developer Respawn notes that there is no support for cross-progression. Players cannot therefore transfer their progress to another platform. According to the studio, that is a valuable feature, but it is ‘unfortunately not available’ for Apex Legends at the moment. Respawn says it will tell more about that upon its release on Steam later this year.