Android TV 12 gets native 4k interface and automatic refresh rate switching

Google has released the third developer beta of Android 12 for Android TV OS. This release adds support for a native 4k user interface, new refresh rate settings and privacy related features.

“Users watch more than four hours of television per day and want the highest possible resolution,” said Wolfram Klein, product manager of Android TV OS. “Android 12 for Android TV will also have the ability to render the user interface at native 4k resolution.”

In addition to 4k support, users also get the option to automatically or manually switch between different refresh rates. Apps can also read and apply these settings.

Just like in Android 12, Google also builds privacy-related functions into Android TV OS. For example, indicators appear on the television screen when apps use the camera and/or microphone. A new settings menu is also added where the user can disable access to the camera and/or microphone.