Android launcher Smart Launcher stopped working due to bug

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Since Sunday, a bug in Smart Launcher 6 for Android has rendered the launcher unusable. The makers have fixed the error in an update, but it is not yet available in the Google Play Store. The solution is already available with a separate APK.

As of Sunday afternoon, many messages appeared on reddit from Smart Launcher users having issues. Users are notified that the version they are using is an alpha and that they need to update. It then opens the Play Store, but no update is available there.

On Twitter, the makers of Smart Launcher confirm the problems and apologize. They say they have uploaded a new version to the Google Play Store, but they are still waiting for approval. Google reports that due to ‘adjusted work schedules’ the approval process can take longer than usual. This can take ‘up to seven days or longer’ in exceptional cases.

The developer has a apk of Smart Launcher 6 with bug fix put online. Users can download it and install it manually. According to the Google Play Store, Smart Launcher 6 has been downloaded more than ten million times. The launcher is free, but also has in-app purchases. Version 6 came out early January.

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