Android also automatically revokes permissions for old apps and games on older versions

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Google is going to distribute an update to Play Services, which will automatically revoke permissions of unused apps and games on all devices from Android 6 and higher.

It concerns a total of more than a billion devices on which the function will work, reports Google. Users can allow the permissions again via the settings or by opening the app or game again. The feature was originally part of Android 11, but is now also coming to older devices. The intention is that apps and games cannot continue to collect data in the background. Permissions are revoked after a few months. Google had already announced that in September to prepare developers.

The feature is part of a series of novelties in Play Services. There are more functions in it. For example, users of a car with support for Android Auto will have the option to connect the phone automatically. Android Auto will also receive support for Smart Reply for automatic replies and music search via voice search. A Pixel 6 or Samsung Galaxy S21 can also serve as a car key for select BMW models.

In addition, families will have the option to create joint reminders via the Family Bell function. This allows parents to alert their children to mealtime or when it’s time to do chores. There will also be new widgets and Memories in Google Photos. In addition, Gboard will support ‘mash-ups’ of emojis.

Only when removing permissions does Google explicitly indicate for which Android versions it will be available. The features are in Play Services, so presumably they’re not just for Android 12. This isn’t a Pixel Feature Drop, but explicitly a set of features that’s coming to other Android phones as well.

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