American lawsuit over Google’s advertising power starts in September

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The US Department of Justice’s lawsuit against Google will be heard in September. The ministry accuses Google of monopolizing the digital advertising market. It wants to force the tech giant to divest its Ad Manager suite.

A US federal court set the trial’s start date announced on Mondayas noticed Reuters news agency. The US Department of Justice wanted the case to start in July, but that did not fit into the court’s agenda and would have caused problems in selecting a jury. according to court documents.

The lawsuit, filed in January last year, centers on Google’s dominant position in the digital advertising market. The US Department of Justice, along with several US states, claims that Google has monopolized that market. The US government wants Google to be forced to divest Ad Manager and AdX. Google denies that and claims that competition has increased. Google and the US Department of Justice did not respond to questions from Reuters.

Google recently underwent a lawsuit surrounding the dominant position of its search engine, which included Google’s billion-dollar deal to keep Google Search the default search engine of Apple’s Safari browser. Closing arguments in that case are expected to be held in early May.

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