Rumor: Micron will launch T705 SSD, possibly with speeds of up to 14.5GB/s

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Images and possible specifications of an unannounced Crucial T705 SSD have appeared. The SSD should have a PCIe 5.0 interface and should achieve transfer speeds of up to 14.5GB/s. It is still unknown when exactly the SSD will appear or what it will cost.

Well-known leaker momomo_us shared images of the Crucial T705 and T705 Limited Edition on social media. The Limited Edition variant comes with a white heatsink, while the regular version has a black heatsink.

Another user replied to momomo_us’ post with an alleged Japanese spec sheet of the T705 series. It states, among other things, that the SSDs have TLC NAND with 232 layers, produced by Crucial owner Micron. The drives do not appear to have dram cache.

The T705 and T705 Special Edition should both be available in variants with 1TB, 2TB and 4TB storage capacity. According to the alleged spec sheet, the 2TB variant achieves the highest sequential read and write speeds, with 14.5GB/s and 12.7GB/s respectively. The other variants achieve slightly lower speeds. The random speeds of the 2TB variant are also the highest, with 1.55 million iops for reading and 1.80 million iops for writing.

The T705 is probably a successor to the current Crucial T700. This SSD also has a PCIe 5.0 interface and 232-layer TLC NAND from Micron. However, the T700 achieves lower speeds of up to 12.4GB/s.

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