Amazon Glow projector for kids gets official release in US

Amazon is making its Glow projector available to everyone in the United States. The projector is specially aimed at children to video call in an interactive way. The projector costs $300.

Amazon announced the Glow in September last year and then made a limited number of the video calling device available. Apparently there is enough demand for the Amazon Glow, because it is coming now officially available and costs $50 more than the introductory price. It is unknown if Glow will also be released by Amazon outside the US.

The Amazon Glow is equipped with both a projector and an 8″ touchscreen. The projector faces downwards so that games and other activities can be projected onto the surface of the Glow. The Glow registers touches and movements on the projection and on that For example, children can make a digital drawing.

A video call can be started on the touchscreen, for example with a parent or other family member who is at a distance. The child can communicate with the other person via a webcam above the display, while an episode of a series is watched via the projection.

The idea behind the Amazon Glow is that children have something to do during video calling and therefore remain interested in the conversation for a longer period of time. Although we have increased our video calling due to the pandemic, these types of conversations with children are “a big challenge” according to Amazon Glow manager Joerg Tewes. Due to the interactive element, Tewes said children would “stay in their place” longer.

The Glow comes with Amazon Kids+ for one year. This allows, among other things, to watch Disney movies and play various games. There are also children’s books available through the Amazon Glow service.