Amazon cuts Alexa skills commission for developers

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Amazon will reduce the commission developers must pay on revenue from Skills for digital assistant Alexa from 30 percent to 20 percent if developers earn less than $1 million a year from the Skills. That will happen before the summer of next year.

This concerns the commission for paid Skills, but also purchases made from Skills for Alexa, Amazon states. That commission is now thirty percent, as was previously customary at download stores of tech giants. So for developers who earn less than a million dollars a year from Alexa skills, that goes to twenty percent.

It is unknown how many developers are covered by the new scheme. Skills are the apps that exist for the digital assistant, which is mainly controlled by users with speech. With Skills, users can access services and make purchases, among other things. In addition to the reduction of the commission, Amazon will provide developers who want it with personalized feedback and tips to make their Skill more discoverable for users.

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