Albert Heijn tests delivery robot at High Tech Campus Eindhoven

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Albert Heijn has started a two-week test with a delivery robot in Eindhoven. Customers can order groceries via an app and they are then delivered with the autonomous vehicle.

Albert Heijn uses a vehicle developed by TeleRetail. The supermarket already announced this in a press release in March. The delivery robot is not allowed on public roads and that is why a test was chosen at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven. This area is private property.

The vehicle in question uses TeleRetail’s Aito autonomous vehicle software. That company received support from the European space agency ESA, because the delivery robot uses satellite navigation. According to the NOS, the vehicle can reach eight kilometers per hour and costs tens of thousands of euros.

Customers on campus have to collect their groceries from the vehicle themselves once it has reached its destination. The groceries are loaded by store employees. Albert Heijn carries out tests with the delivery robot for ten working days. The Swiss postal company Swiss Post has previously conducted tests with the same robot.

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