Adobe helps Microsoft develop Spartan browser

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Adobe is helping Microsoft develop its new browser, now known as Spartan. Microsoft announced this in a blog post. The software giant hopes that Adobe will add improvements to the browser in the near future.

For years, Adobe has been adding improvements to the engines of several browsers, including WebKit, Blink, and Gecko. In the past, it also tried to contribute code from Internet Explorer, but it was difficult. As a result, Microsoft’s browser lacked functionalities that competitors did get.

Microsoft now says that it has sought cooperation with Adobe. The company gave the Adobe Web Platform Team the opportunity to contribute to Project Spartan, the codename of Microsoft’s new browser. The team has since contributed to the layout, typography, design and movement.

Meanwhile, the Adobe team contributed to the March update of the Windows 10 Technical Preview. One of the improvements is a CSS improvement, which allows developers to select so-called gradient midpoints.

Microsoft is currently still working on Spartan, which should become the default browser of Windows 10. Spartan will receive support for extensions, among other things, and will have the voice assistant Cortana as standard. In addition, Spartan would also offer a new method to reduce tab chaos by allowing users to group tabs together.

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