Acer to release slim Swift 7 laptop with 14″ screen and e-SIM in April

Acer has announced a new version of its slim Swift 7 laptop. The screen edges have been made thinner, so that a 14 “screen now fits in the housing. The housing is also 1 mm thinner than its predecessor.

Acer puts an Intel XMM lte modem and an e-SIM in the new Swift 7, but there is also a nano-SIM card slot. The laptop comes with a Transatel profile on the e-SIM, with 1GB of free data once, which is valid for one month in 48 countries, including the US and Europe. The laptop contains a Mobile Plans app with which users can take out other data plans for a fee.

Acer has not yet disclosed many details about the specifications. The Windows 10 laptop contains a Core i7 processor, but it is not known which version. In the previous model were passively cooled economical CPUs from the Y-series. This may also be the case in the new version. There is also a 256GB PCI-e SSD and 8GB lpddr3 memory in the laptop.

According to Acer, the unibody aluminum case of the new Swift 7 laptop is 8.98mm thick. That is exactly a millimeter thinner than last year’s version. The screen still has a full-HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, but grows from 13.3″ to 14″. Acer has been able to accommodate the larger screen because the screen edges are thinner. It is a touchscreen that is finished with a glossy layer of Corning Gorilla Glass. The touchpad is provided with the same material.

New is the fingerprint scanner, which is located to the left of the backlit keyboard. Like the first Acer Swift 7, the new model has two USB-C connections. This time they are on the left instead of the right. There is also a 3.5mm jack. The battery should be good for ten hours of use. Acer expects the new Swift 7 to be available in the Benelux from April. A suggested retail price has not yet been announced.

Acer Swift 7

Together with the Swift 7, Acer introduces a new Spin 3, the SP314-51. This laptop has a screen with a 360-degree hinge, so that the device can also be used as a tablet. There will be versions with Intel Core processors of the eighth generation and the battery life would be up to twelve hours. The Spin 3 models have a 14″ screen with a full HD resolution. The convertible will be launched in February and prices start at 549 euros.

Acer Spin 3

Furthermore, Acer comes with two new models in the Chromebook 11 series, the CB311-8HT and the CB311-8H. Both have an 11.6 “screen and two USB-C ports. The 18.5 mm thick housing weighs 1.1 kg. The HT model has a touchscreen, the H version does not.

Acer says there are new passively cooled Celeron CPUs in the Chromebooks, but doesn’t name exactly which ones. There is also 4GB of RAM and 16GB or 32GB of emmc storage. According to Acer, various configurations of the Chromebooks will come to the Benelux in the second quarter of this year. Prices are not yet known.

Update: The Acer Swift 7 will be released in April in the Benelux and costs 1699 euros.