ABN Amro is struggling with a problem with debit cards and internet banking

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ABN Amro is struggling with a malfunction in its systems, which has caused problems with debit cards and internet banking, among other things. The cause is an error where transactions are passed on too late, the bank says.

ABN Amro confirms on its Facebook page that it is dealing with problems in the payment system. The bank states that transactions are only visible later in payment and ATM machines. As a result, customers cannot, for example, pay in the store or withdraw money. It is not clear what the exact cause of the mentioned problems is, nor is it clear when the problems are expected to be solved.

Reports on the website allestoringen.nl show that the problems arose sometime during the day. In addition to problems with debit cards, the bank’s customers report that they cannot use internet banking. However, it is not clear how big the problems with internet banking are, because ABN Amro itself does not provide any information about this.

Update 8:44 PM: ABN Amro late on Twitter know that the problems should be resolved.

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