A virtual keyboard, is it something?

We are nowhere without our smartphones but typing is sometimes annoying. The keyboard occupies at least half of your screen and two touch keys at the same time with your finger happens not infrequently. That is why the virtual keyboard ‘Masterkey’ on Kickstarter gets a lot of attention.


The Masterkey 4.0 can be connected wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It projects a virtual keyboard on a table or desk and the screen of the smartphone on the wall. The keyboard is designed for presentations, gaming and to use the smartphone as a TV or computer. You can type 350 characters per minute. Typing is a bit slower than usual, but is easy to do. The software can also map facial expressions and gestures. With a presentation you can see who is and what is not paying attention.

How can you type without keys? The system determines coordinates based on the position of your fingers. As a result, the system knows which character belongs to which position.

The Masterkey is expected to be available in January 2019. The Home Edition will be 155 euros and the Business Edition 212 euros.