Special effects in films will be better with new Nvidia video card

Nvidia is about to launch a number of new video cards. That may seem like gaming-related news, but now the GPUs are used for all sorts of other purposes, from mining cryptocurrencies to creating special effects for films. The last category gets a video card especially for the sector, as Nvidia announced this week.

The Quadro RTX is the first card to use the new Turing architecture developed by the company and specializes in an operation called Ray Tracing . This is mainly used to generate light rays and the breaking of those rays and that technology has been around for a long time, but takes a lot of time. With this new video card that process has to go a lot faster, which also explains the professional price: a top of the line Quadro RTX with 16 teraflops of processor power, a performance of 10 gigarays per second and 96GB of memory costs 10,000 dollars.

Real-time adjustments

The card can also be put in series to make more complicated scenes or to realize things in a shorter period of time. The Quadro is apparently so powerful that now even modifications can be made that are immediately visible, so in real time. That could significantly improve the workflow for special-effects makers, which is an important improvement with the unbelievably large number of series and films that are being produced. According to Nvidia himself this is the biggest advance in computer graphics in the last 15 years.

Does this mean that our films and series with special effects will look better in the next few years? That chance is big. It must be said that the quality of the special effects in Hollywood is already quite up to standard and it mainly means that less wealthy companies now also get the chance to make beautiful things.

The consumer versions of these cards will be significantly less powerful, but that also has a completely different price. The expectation is that these video cards (mainly intended for gamers) will be announced at Gamescom next week.

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