A movie that you can send with your brain

At the University of Nottingham they have done something that at first looks like a good science fiction story. Where you normally watch a movie in the cinema or on the couch, the final scene of which is long and wide, you can now watch a film that can go in all directions.

The film ‘The Moment’ is shaped according to the condition of your brain. This is so. The activity in your brain is measured with EEG, by means of a headset that is attached to the head. With this you can check whether you are sleeping, relaxed or just restless. While watching the film, data is collected about the activity in your brain. The film can be adjusted on this basis. The film is about a dystopia in the future, where the relationship between brain and computer is portrayed as a danger.

Different stories

The film adapts to the attention of the viewer. If attention falls, another story line comes. In total there are three different storylines. In total there are 18 scenes. Each scene has six possible combinations. With more than 18 scenes, there are so many different combinations possible per viewer. The film is therefore different every time. If the attention of the viewer changes rapidly, the first and second story lines are switched quickly. If the viewer sees more of the first storyline, the combination of the next scene remains the same. But if the viewer sees more of the second storyline, the next scene will replace the first storyline with the third storyline.

The goal of the film

With this film, researchers want to find out how people react to a film that is instantly personalized. The question is how passive interactivity can be used to reinforce stories. In the film The Moment, the derivation of the story is reduced. Storytelling techniques are also used to clarify the story of the film.


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