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Zuckerberg: we did not do enough to prevent Facebook abuse

Facebook has published Mark Zuckerberg’s statement that he will present on Wednesday at a session in the American House of Representatives. The CEO of Facebook says that Facebook has done too little to prevent abuse.

Zuckerberg offers in the statement his apologies. He acknowledges that Facebook has done too little to prevent the tools available on the platform from being misused. With this he refers among other things to fake news, foreign interference and influence of elections, hate speech and the protection of users’ data. According to Zuckerberg, Facebook has insufficiently taken responsibility.
The boss of Facebook also goes into the statement on the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Zuckerberg describes that his company, through the newspaper The Guardian, learned that the developer Aleksandr Kogan had shared the personal data of Facebook users with Cambridge Analytica. Last month it was again publications of The Guardian, for example, which made Facebook discover that Cambridge Analytica had not deleted the data.
Zuckerberg says that Facebook has a responsibility to prevent a developer like Kogan from getting so much data in the future . According to him, Facebook already ensured in 2014 that developers can no longer just get large amounts of data.
The director of Facebook wants more protections to prevent this, such as limiting the data that users can give to an app if they use it. The developers’ access to personal data is also blocked if the user does not use the app for three months and developers are faced with stricter regulations.
Zuckerberg will appear Wednesday for a committee of the American House of Representatives , where he will read the statement and then answer questions from the congressmen. A day earlier, on Tuesday, Zuckerberg will also appear before a committee of the US Senate.


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