Zoom appoints advisory board of security experts

Zoom will partner with experts from the security world to solve various problems in the platform. The company has set up an advisory board for this purpose. The company has also hired former Facebook security chief Alex Stamos as a consultant.

The advisory board consists of the chief information security officers of several large tech companies. They work at VMware, Netflix, Uber and EA, among others, writes Zoom CEO Eric Yuan in a blog post. “With this CISO council, we are setting up an advisory board with people who will advise me personally,” Yuan writes. “This group keeps privacy and security at the forefront of everything we do at Zoom.” In addition to the advisory board, Alex Stamos is also involved in the company. He acts as an ‘external consultant’, he writes in a blog. He will not come to work for the company, but will be given ‘a guiding role’. Stamos was the chief information security officer at Facebook at the time of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but has not worked at the social network since 2018.

Zoom has been experiencing a lot of problems with the security of the service in recent weeks. It would, among other things, send information to Facebook, leak email addresses, and allow access to the microphone and camera when that was not intended. The company apologized last week and promised not to develop new features in the near future, but only to work on fixing vulnerabilities. Stamos defended the company earlier this month. He mentioned the incidents on Twitter ‘shallow bugs’.