YouTube removes video from Donald Trump’s channel and disables comments

YouTube removed a recent video from Donald Trump’s channel for a violation of the video platform’s policies. The president can’t post new videos for a week now. YouTube has also disabled the posting of comments.

The decision to remove newly posted content on Donald Trump’s channel follows a review of the video and was made in part because of fears of potential violence, reports YouTube. The company does not disclose which part of the terms and conditions the video has violated. The channel has 2.77 million subscribers.

The channel has had its first strike with the intervention and can therefore not post new videos for at least seven days. With a second strike, this applies for two weeks and a third means that the account is permanently blocked. In addition, YouTube has banned commenting on Trump’s channel until further notice, due to fears of violence. YouTube reports that it will also do this with other channels if there are concerns regarding security.

The decision follows a tumultuous week for social media regarding President Trump and his supporters, following the storming of the US Capitol. Social networks and tech companies fear calls for further violence via the platforms. Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter and his Facebook account has been blocked indefinitely. Social medium Parler is completely offline as tech companies cut ties with this platform.