'YouTube Kids gets a variant with only manually selected content'

According to a source from BuzzFeed, YouTube will release a version of its Kids app that only shows content that has been manually approved by a team from the video giant itself. This is to combat the many rogue evasions of the Kids algorithm.

The YouTube Kids variant that only shows manually selected content should exist alongside the regular Kids app that determines which content for young children with an algorithm is appropriate, said BuzzFeed . The problem with the version sent by an algorithm is that far too many child-unfriendly videos slip through the mesh. Young viewers get to see videos with conspiracy theories, violence and foul language. YouTube has been working to clean up this branch of its video site .
The option to have only whitelisted videos shown manually in the coming weeks market, according to the source of BuzzFeed. YouTube itself responds to the story by saying that they never comment on speculation and rumors, but that they always work on improving their platform.



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