YouTube does not think this video about Trump is fake news

It was a shock. It was brutal. It was wrong. Trump saying he won the election. While not all votes are counted. In principle it is fake news. Which Trump hates so much.

YouTube now says a video claiming President Donald Trump won the election does not violate any of its policies. The video remains allowed on the social video platform.

Contrary to other platforms’ policies

The decision is in stark contrast to Twitter and Facebook’s more aggressive efforts to curb misleading claims and misinformation about election results.

The video, entitled ‘Trump Won. MSM hopes you don’t believe your eyes, ” pro-Trump network One American News Network (OANN) published Wednesday.

YouTube shows the video without ads

YouTube tells The Verge that the video violates the advertising guidelines, but not the content policy. This way, the video can stay online, but it will be displayed without ads.

In the video, an OANN presenter says Trump has won another term, claims unfounded that Trump would win some swing states if there were no voter fraud, and then equates counting outstanding post-in ballots with an attempt to steal the elections.