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Your memories on Facebook now in one place

On Facebook, it is already possible to see daily reminders of what they have shared on Facebook in previous years. Research shows that looking back on events has a positive influence on the mood and well-being of people.

Now there is ‘memories’, a place on Facebook where all memories can be seen quickly. You can look back on posts, photos, friends that you have made and life events.

Several sections can be seen on the reminders page:

  • On this day: This option already exists, so you can still see your photos or events from this date.
  • Friends made on this day: You see a list of friends you are on have made this date in the past. You will also see collages, to celebrate ‘friendversaries’.
  • Summary of memories : Here your memories are bundled monthly or seasonally in a message or a short video.
  • Memories you have missed: forget to view your memories? In this section, you can see which memories you may have missed in the past week.

Facebook lets you know how to work hard on the new tool because memories are always personal. They also want to keep people partially in control of the memories, because sometimes they are not all positive. The personal touch of the memories comes first.


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