You can no longer play Plague Inc in China

The Chinese can no longer play the recently extra popular game Plague Inc on iPhones and iPads. The pandemic simulation game is said to contain content illegal in China, which has removed it from the App Store. Remarkable, because the app has been in it for a long time and has been used extensively for years.

Plague Inc

The maker, Ndemic Creations, has announced this. It is exciting because of the subject of the app that it is taken offline: given the corona virus , the game was increasingly played. Something that the makers saw more often in outbreaks of diseases. This app was in the App Store in China for years and now it is suddenly a problem. The studio says it does not know whether the removal is actually related to the coronavirus.

Ndemic says he will do everything he can to get the game back, but it is only a small indie studio from the United Kingdom, in short, it is not easy to compete against the powerful Chinese government from that position. In any case, it will contact the Cyberspace Administration of China to discover what exactly is the reason for the removal.


When the coronavirus became more known worldwide, Ndemic already indicated that the popularity of the game has increased enormously. However, it also warned that the game is by no means a scientific tool for seeing how a pandemic works. The reason why it has now been taken offline may be due to an update that followed around Fake News in December . In this you could play another scenario in which you fool the world with a fake news story. The Chinese may see this as undermining public ethics or undermining social stability.