Xiaomi is working on thin metal smartwatch

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The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is working on a smartwatch made of metal. A CEO of a company that Xiaomi works with has given some details in an interview. It is not yet known when the watch should appear.

Xiaomi’s partner Huami hints, according to the Chinese website 36kr, that the smartwatch will be thinner and cheaper than current models on the market, but the CEO does not say how much thinner and cheaper. The watch will be made of the same metal that HTC makes its One smartphones.

It seems that Xiaomi will not use Android Wear, because Huami has put its ‘best software engineers’ on the watch, it seems that Xiaomi wants to use its own platform or custom variant of Android Wear.

In addition to the watch, Xiaomi also comes with a new version of its cheap fitness tracker Mi Band, which will also contain NFC in addition to bluetooth. Xiaomi also makes smartphones, a tablet, router, set-top box, TV, game controller and air freshener.

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