Xiaomi is testing optional MIUI security feature that prevents sideloading

Smartphone maker Xiaomi is testing a feature that makes sideloading impossible, a Chinese site claims. This so-called Pure Mode is intended to prevent accidental installation of malicious apk files. The function can be turned off.

Xiaomi is looking for internal testers for the ‘pure mode’, ITHome says. It’s unknown how exactly the feature differs from the ‘allow installation from unknown sources’ toggle, which has been in Android since its inception. Presumably the difference is that in ‘pure mode’ the installation is blocked, instead of an app or browser asking for permission to install an app.

The function can be turned on or off by users at any time, according to the text ITHome quotes. The step should improve the security of the software. Of all apps scanned from unknown sources, Xiaomi’s security software says 10 percent are risky apps. It is still unclear whether the mode in Android skin MIUI will come and if so, when exactly that will happen. Xiaomi has not commented on the publication.