Xbox One will be able to stream via Twitch

Twitch, the streaming service supported by the PS4 since the latter’s release, is coming to the Xbox One. Beginning March 11, users of Microsoft’s console will be able to set up, watch, and play along with a streamer playing a co-op or multiplayer game.

The news comes from an Associated Press report. Unlike the Twitch functionality of the Sony PlayStation 4, the one on the Xbox One was developed by the people behind themselves. Although Twitch integration with the Xbox One will be introduced months later than with the PS4, the Xbox variant offers more features. The main difference between the two consoles is that provided the streamer is playing a co-op or multiplayer Xbox One game, a spectator using their Xbox One can join right away. A PS4 user cannot directly join a multiplayer PS4 stream that they are watching.

All types of streams can be viewed after the update, including PlayStation 4 streams. The reverse will probably also be possible. In addition to streaming games, it will also be possible to stream images filmed with the Kinect from the Kinect via Twitch to the web. In addition, clips can be saved and the chat function works. Although the Twitch functionality will be more extensive than that of the PS4, Sony’s console also supports streams via Ustream. The update will be released on March 11, at the same time as Titanfall’s US release.