Xbox One can be operated via devices with Cortana and Alexa

Microsoft has released a Skill for Insider testers from the Xbox One that provides voice control via another device. That device then has to run the digital assistant Cortana or Alexa.

For example, anyone who adds the Skill can turn on his Xbox One via the voice command of a device with Cortana or Alexa. In addition, the volume can be changed, games and apps can be started, the player can make screenshots and start recording of game streams and stop with voice commands. The question “Ask Xbox what can I say?” gives the user examples of supported speech options.
The Skill works not only in combination with smart speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Windows 10 PCs with Cortana, but also with the Sonos One and iOS and Android apps with Cortana. and Alexa. Those who have an Echo and say ‘Alexa, start Rocket League’, have their Xbox One start immediately and start the game, gives Microsoft as an example.
The function only works for a small group of American test players for now . They can activate the Skill via their Microsoft or Amazon account. The Xbox has long been able to be addressed directly via voice control. This can be done via Cortana with a headset, but could for instance be done via Kinect via the Xbox 360.


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