X introduces two new subscription formulas: Premium Basic and Premium+

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X has introduced two new subscription formulas. Premium Basic costs three euros per month and gives users the ability to edit posts. Premium+ costs 16 euros per month and, among other things, prevents advertisements from feeds. The current Twitter Premium will continue to exist.

Basic Premium users, like all other paying subscribers, get the option to write longer posts, undo posts, and publish longer videos. They can also download videos and play videos in the background. The answers they post to a post also get a small upgrade. This will make them according to X become more visible. Users who subscribe to this formula will not have access to the creators hub and will therefore not be able to get paid for a post. This subscription formula also does not come with a blue check mark.

Premium+ users do get a blue check mark, but can also hide this if they wish. These users will have access to all options of the Basic and Premium subscription and will no longer see advertisements in the ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ timelines. Premium+ users’ answers will receive a larger boost, which should make them the most visible of all users.

Twitter Premium will continue to exist for eight euros per month. Compared to the Basic plan, Premium users see half as many ads and a slightly larger boost when replying to a post. All other functions of this subscription formula are retained.

introducing Premium+

– no ads in For You or Following
– largest boost for your replies (vs other Premium tiers or unverified users)
– access to our full suite of creator tools

now available on Web ✌️

subscribe here →

— Premium (@premium) October 27, 2023

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