Wreckfest gets paid PS5 upgrade and Xbox Series version coming later – update

THQ Nordic will release Wreckfest for the PlayStation 5. The game will be released on June 1, and owners of the PS4 version can upgrade to the next-gen version for 10 euros. The game will get an upgrade for the Xbox Series X and S later this year.

The PlayStation 5 version of Wreckfest runs in 4k resolution at 60fps, has improved graphics effects and supports up to 24 players in multiplayer mode. The game also gets support for haptic effects from Sony’s DualSense controller.

According to publisher THQ Nordic, the PS5 version has improved shadows and lighting, dynamic mud on vehicles, higher resolution textures and more vegetation in the area. Godrays have also been added and skid marks appear with new effects. The PS5 version also offers much faster loading times.

The PS5 version of Wreckfest costs 40 euros, but if you already own the game on the PS4, you can buy an upgrade for 10 euros. The game is also already available on Xbox consoles and part of the Game Pass subscription, but there is no upgrade for Series X and S, confirms developer Bugbear Entertainment. Recently, the Xbox version received a free update so that the game on the Series X runs at 60fps instead of 30fps, but the game did not get any other improvements. THQ Nordic reports on Twitter that the Xbox Series X and S can expect a similar upgrade, but does not mention any details or concrete release date.

Wreckfest officially came out on Steam in 2019, after the game had been available through Early Access since 2014. Initially, the game was known as Next Car Game. Wreckfast is a demolition derby games where players compete against each other in cars in various modes of play. Finnish developer Bugbear Entertainment is also known for FlatOut 1 and 2 and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage.

Update, 20:32: THQ Nordic let us know on Twitter that the game will receive a similar upgrade for the Xbox Series X and S consoles later this year. Initially, the studio only reported that a PS5 upgrade is coming. This has been added to the article.